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I try to surround myself & learn from coaches, personal trainers or other athletes I highly value because being around those who are better has a tendency to drive me to be better and push to improve. 

 For a lot of us that have been in high level sports we are very self motivated when it comes to our own training sessions but fact is not everybody is! Some people just want to workout to enjoy the social aspect or for the important factor of staying healthy so you have to be able to teach in a clear, efficient, knowledgeable and fun way. 

 I've found that with two fellas that I look to. That's my dudes from BoxNBurn! Tony and Glen. These two fellas are intelligent in this industry, genuinely helpful, very welcoming and down to earth fellas. I'll hit them up with a messages, voice notes, questions or thoughts I may have, an they are always there to assist me or instruct me in a way that I can use to improve coaching wise or to assist in my gym " The Performance Lab".

This originated by me seeing a post from Tony about former boxers and the industry on IGTV so I hit him up and we had a chat about it and went back and forth about boxing, competitions and the Olympics which was my dream. I've made the tons of major games like 2 AIBA Worlds Champs, 2 Continental Championships ETC and the London Olympic Qualifier but didn't make the London 2012 Olympics unfortunately.


I felt like I can relate to Tony in the sense of boxing being everything in life to transitioning into Coach/PT/gym owner. As I told him I started off boxing by watching Frankie Gavin (2007 AIBA World Gold Medallist), Raushee Warren (3 time Olympian) and Gary Russell Jr (Olympian) in the 2007 AIBA World Championships. Further down the line in my career I was able to meet Gary, his dad Big G and younger brothers in Atlanta. I met Raushee Warren at the 2011 Baku AIBA World Championships, I didn't get to meet Frankie Gavin though. 

 I told Tony about watching those particular games (2007 AIBA World championships Chicago) and he responded with that's where he qualified for the Olympics which I thought was pretty fucking cool as that was my significant time for me watching those games and 2008 Olympics which inspired my Olympic Pursuit.

Further to our chat, Tony had one of his upcoming BoxNBurn Academy courses approaching but the nearest one was already sold out which was Miami and after speaking with a fella that has done all the major competitions too and made the Olympics! I was super interested in seeing what more I could learn from him and checking this course out! Being that it was sold out I thought I would have to wait a few months which was like a dam that sucks moment. Luckily enough Tony hit me back up with a spot to the Miami Course which was like in 2 weeks and boom I was in! Excited and ready to rock n roll.

Around the same time I had to teach as a guest trainer in West Palm Beach Florida so timing worked out perfect. Upon reaching the course I walk in the door everyone was gather around and listening to Tony and Glen introduce themselves and give a brief intro to the course then everyone in attendance got a chance to introduce themselves too.

I've added a 2 minute video here that goes over my time at the BoxNBurn Academy course .

It was a super awesome time, these fellas truly know their stuff, they are very knowledgeable, creative and have a great thing going.  I was astonished at how professional it was and many things that were broken down and simplified to better grasp. They were able to teach a room full of experience to non experienced so much in 2 days! Another great thing they went over was the social media aspect of business which I think was a great avenue to also cover.



As I said in the video I do highly recommend checking them out either through the BoxNBurn Academy courses or if you're in Cali check them out, they have two top quality gyms out there! These fellas are the truth. My gym is doing very well but they have driven me to excel and aim for higher heights.

For me its like boxing you always want to give more and be better. You aim to improve on your weakness while building on your strengths by aiming to train with the best which pushes you to be the best you can, those actions take you that step closer to achieving your goal

Kendall Ebanks
Instagram : @thebody_architect

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