Start Your Own Line Of The Best Boxing Fitness Equipment With Us

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Thank you for your interest in building your own custom branded boxing range with us.

We’re excited to now be able to offer you our The Boxing Fitness Academy Store products at wholesale pricing for your business.

With a wholesale account you also have the option of fully customizing your line of boxing fitness equipment for your gym with us to take your brand to the next level.

You can now offer your members their own boxing fitness training equipment with their favorite gym’s branding.

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Create your own custom line of the best quality boxing equipment on the market. 

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Create more brand awareness 

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Create even more customer loyalty 

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Invest in your staff & your brand 

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Increase your business’s revenue

We’re excited to be able to offer you the highest quality boxing training equipment with years of experience and testing behind them, all with custom branded designs to perfectly fit your business’s look and feel.

Designed, built and tested here in Los Angeles by Olympic medalist, Boxing Fitness co-owner Tony Jeffries and Boxing Fitness Academy co-owner Glenn Holmes, our manufacturing process guarantees the highest quality, maximum comfort, protection and style.

With a wholesale account with Boxing Fitness, you will be able to receive your customized stock of our distinctive Boxing Fitness boxing fitness equipment range that you can slot perfectly into your facility for both your coaches and your members.

This gives you the ability to offer your own boxing equipment range for your members, and with our suggested retail pricing, you are perfectly set up to create additional revenue on top of your boxing fitness classes and workouts, while creating excitement around a new range of boxing fitness products for your coaches & members alike.



Customized order for Seacoast Kettlebell Gym, Dover, NH


Custom order for HTX Fight Camp gym, Houston, TX'


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Variety of Equipment

You will have customized sizing options for your boxing gloves ranging from 10oz-16oz

Our most popular punch mitt, the Glenn Holmes signature mitt style is now available to customize how you want it!

You will also have the choice of custom branded traditional boxing hand wraps & pull on hand wraps to offer to your members for boxing fitness sessions.




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Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that your gloves, mitts and wraps will stand the test of time and provide you, your team, and your members with the highest quality materials, maximum protection from injury with the ideal comfort and feel for perfect technique.

These are the exact gloves we use in the Boxing Fitness gyms in Los Angeles.

If for any reason there is faulty or broken equipment, we will replace free of charge within the first 30 days of purchase.

**Please allow for possible delays in manufacturing and shipping times.**

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Convenience & Cost Effective

Our competitive wholesale prices allow you to fully stock your gym, your coaches and your members with a full range of boxing training equipment and offer the same line within your gym at competitive retail prices that will increase your bottom line.

The ordering process is smooth, convenient and minimal, taking the stress of the entire process of manufacturing, graphic design, testing, communication, shipping and costs off your plate.



How It Works

Simply tell us what you want, your quantities, send us your branding and we’ll do the rest. 


Your Customized Boxing Equipment 

Take a look at our recent customizations for a few of our favorite gyms & boxing fitness brands.

We’re excited to have you a part of our team, and be your solution provider for all your boxing fitness needs.

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A word from us

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Throughout my 15+ year boxing career & now with over 10 years in the fitness industry, I’m excited to put all my knowledge and experience of both boxing & coaching equipment into a very high quality product that other businesses can call their own.

-Tony Jeffries



I’m very excited to be able to finally launch custom options of our tried & tested Boxing Fitness products that have been a huge success for us, our members and everyone who has used them globally.   Our goal is to now give other brands the creative freedom to make these products their own with minimal effort that is cost effective and allows them to extend their own brands and increase their bottom line

- Glenn Holmes


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For a wholesale catalog and full pricing sheet, contact us:

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