Want a More Powerful Punch? It’s in the Hips!

Punch Harder: Strategies for a More Powerful Punch

Author: Ayad Mirjan, trainer at BNB gym. Follow@Ayad_bnb on Instagram

You do not need to be a boxing expert to know that engaging the hips is as basic to boxing as jumping is to basketball. The hips are integral to throwing a powerful, yet efficient, punch. They are the engines that power the body and make hitting a target with a balled up fist possible.
Mechanically speaking, the hips generate the force that activates the core (abdominals, lumbar muscles and spine); the core then transfers this energy to the shoulders. The symptom of all those actions combined is a fist flying with absolute control towards the intended target.

More Powerful Punch

With this in mind, it becomes abundantly clear that improving punching power starts by addressing hip muscle strength and joint mobility.

Hip Strength

Building strength in the hips starts with the glutes (Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus), quadriceps (Vastus lateralis,...

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Boxing for the Aging Brain

The last thing people think of when they hear “boxing” is that it is good for the brain. In fact, most people think it’s a brutal sport, and it can be. What if I told you an 89 year old man, with Parkinson’s disease, a pace maker, legally blind and a diabetic increased his reaction time with non contact boxing. Also, his pacemaker went from working 99% to 97%. All from boxing.


Learning to box is mental challenge.

Combinations, footwork, new movement patterns or old movements that may not have been attempted in a long time. It takes coordination and a certain rhythm to be boxer. All things that are beneficial to the aging brain.


Our core is essential in maintaining good balance. Compromised balance is the leading cause of falls in older adults. Boxing is a great way to work the core without doing a single sit up! Punching the focus mitts and boxing bag is a form of resistance training. Resistance training can strengthen bones and prevent the...

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Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

By Guest Blogger and Certified BNB Trainer Kristy May

IG: @Kmayfitness/


My whole upbringing as a child had been pretty traumatic from having drug-addicted parents to being moved around foster homes & abused, I experienced a lot of hardship at a young age. Then as a young teenager, I found Boxing & I can’t even explain how much it helped me mentally.

I used to go to 6am classes every day before school just to give myself that minute of mindfulness before the day. Boxing gave me an outlet to escape from home life; a place I could stop thinking & stay present. It bought me peace inside & it made me feel empowered. I’ve boxed on & off ever since.

After completing the Box ’N Burn Academy it sparked my passion for boxing again. It reignited a burning desire and an obsession within me again. All I want now is to keep expanding my knowledge on it, & keep improving my skills. Since completing the...

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Building success with Box 'N Burn

Building Success with Box 'N Burn

Article by guest blogger and Certified BNB Trainer:

Stuart Holt - UK Personal Trainer/Coach

Instagram: sh_bodykinetics
Website: BodyKinetics.co.uk

I have eight years experience in the UK fitness industry, developing a passion for boxing, strength and conditioning, and coaching as a certified elite level boxing for fitness instructor. I wanted 2018 to be my progression year, taking my skill-set to the next level, so I signed up for a number of courses.

I was introduced to Box N Burn Academy and heard they were coming to the UK to hold a weekend course at the British Institute of Sport in Sheffield; I knew this was going to be the opportunity I was looking for to further develop my skills.

At the venue, where Anthony Joshua trains along with a whole list of GB Olympians, there was a special feeling of just being there. The weekend did not disappoint and Tony and his entire Box 'N Burn team fully delivered.

It was a career and a life-changing...

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Behind the Scenes at Box 'N Burn Academy held at EIS Sheffield, UK

By Glenn Holmes

August 2018

so inspiring being with a top notch group of fitness professionals at such a legendary gym, the English Institute of Sport / GB Boxing HQ: an incredible Olympic facility! Thank you everyone for turning out & taking the time to learn about boxing fitness from Tony Jeffries, Kevan Watson and myself, everyone did great, excellent work & I look forward to hearing all the success stories from here. It’s always a humbling experience doing these Academy courses. Roll on the next one.

Certified Academy members at the Institute of Sport Sheffield UK 2018: we have completed our first 2 international courses (Australia & England) and have 5 more live courses remaining this year across the US.


Academy co-owner Glenn Holmes at the English Institute of Sport boxing ring



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Top 10 Tips for Fighters to Help Prevent Injuries

FIGHTERS will always get injured, fact!

Boxing is rough and it’s very hard on the body. Just about all fighters will compete with an injury or at least a little niggle here or there, but you won’t normally find out about it until after the fight. When was the last time you heard a fighter say in his pre-fight interview: ‘Training camp was OK, apart from hurting my hand, which prevented me from sparring.’ Never!

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so I created this list of 10 things you can do to help prevent you from being injured:

  1. 1. Look after your body. That means making sure you are staying hydrated and eating the right food, even when you’re not in camp. It starts from the inside out.
  2. 2. Always – and I mean always – wear a headguard in sparring as well as your sparring partner. This is going to protect you from being cut from head clashes and also protects your hands as you’re hitting a soft head guard instead of a...
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How To Burn 500-700+ Calories An Hour While Having Fun!

If getting into shape is part of your New Year’s resolution then I would highly recommend boxing is the way to go!

The amount of benefits you will gain from boxing training is endless!

You will shed a tremendous amount of fat, as you’re burning up to 500-700+ calories an hour. You will also tone up, improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, hand-eye coordination and so much more!

Not only is it a great way to shed fat but it’s also a great new skill where you will feel more confident in self-defense if you ever needed it!

When training it’s not just your arms that is getting a workout it’s your whole body as one single punch not only engages the upper body but with proper technique, it will also draw power from your core, hips, and legs!

Boxing is also one of the best forms of stress relief, if you think of all the frustration from work, drama from your friends, then with boxing you can take the anger out on the pads or even the heavy bag...

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You fight like a girl.

AUTHOR: Joe Buckner originally posted in  The Art of Pugilism

Boxing is and has always been one of the best full body workouts that you can do and women around the country are making Boxing Fitness a big part of their fitness regiment.

A big part of the rising popularity is definitely the Victoria Secret models and celebrities like the Kardashians sharing their boxing workouts on social media like Instagram and Snapchat.

When ESPN performed their "Degree of Difficulty Project", they tested 60 + sports based on the necessary athletic skills needed to determine which sport is most difficult and boxing came out on top

In fitness we are seeing a trend in people who don't want to just lift weights or do one type of workout. People are more into mixing it up and adding different aspects of fitness, boxing-yoga-weights-spinning-etc for a more well-rounded fitness journey.

Women (and men) across the country are finding their inner power and moving towards workouts like boxing to...

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Educating coaches on effective hand wrapping techniques - LV 1 online course


Glenn Holmes is Boxing, Performance Coach,  Fitness Director & Co-Creator of BNB Academy.

Box 'N Burn Academy now offers an Online Certification that launched in October, 2017. You can learn the fundamentals of boxing and learn how to effectively teach them all -  in your own time, from anywhere in the world. Register now for the  Box ‘N Burn Academy Level 1 certification course.


 In the Level 1 certification, we go in depth on how to safely and effectively wrap hands for boxing sessions

Glenn Holmes personal trainer wrapping boxer handsGlenn Holmes educating coaches on effective hand wrapping techniques

at LV 1 Box 'N Burn Academy in-person course held  in Santa Monica, CA.

Hands should ALWAYS be wrapped for a boxing session, due to the repeated impact with every punch on the bones, tissues, tendons, joints, ligaments etc. of the hands, wrists and forearms. It's crucial to protect and align them by wrapping well before every training session.

A ...

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10 Tips for Retired Boxers on a Career Teaching Boxing for Fitness 

The boxing fitness industry can be a great choice for

retiring boxers looking for a new career

Ten years ago, a boxer hanging up his gloves didn't have much to fall back on. Now, boxing for fitness is one of the biggest workout trends in the world, so if former boxers are smart they can earn a good living by teaching boxing to others, as they have more boxing experience than 99% of personal trainers.

tony jeffries retires

Daily mail article announcing Tony Jeffries retiring from boxing


I have been teaching boxing successfully for seven years, I was a very successful boxer, but I would say I'm even more successful at this. However, it’s something I have had to work on; it’s not as straightforward as you may think.

Here are 10 tips for boxers wanting to teach boxing for fitness:

1. Realize you're teaching boxing for fitness reasons and not for a fight - good form is important but not crucial. If you work a full session on perfecting the jab, it's going to be pretty boring, and if your client gets bored, the workout becomes a chore, and if it becomes...

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