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Don't Make These Mistakes When You Return to the Gym After Covid Restrictions
Mar 16, 2021

Getting Back into Fitness After COVID Restrictions Are Lifted


GUEST POST by Henry James - Fitness & Boxing Coach, London, UK


Everything is slowly but surely getting back to normal in the UK, we’ll soon be able to go back to the gym and workout like we used to before COVID safety restrictions.

However many gym goers will make the common mistake of returning to the same training plan they followed prior to gym closures, but is that wise?

The first UK lockdown taught me...

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How I Retained & Gained Clients During Gym Lockdown - 5 Simple Steps!
Oct 01, 2020

by Kieran Flanagan

As a personal trainer and boxing coach most of my business was providing in-person training to my clients. During the pandemic lockdown that forced my gym to close I initially felt panic - Will my business survive? Will I retain my clients? How will I support myself financially? 

I decided that I was going to turn the negative of lockdown into a positive -  for me, my business, and my clients!

My plan was to  keep my business...

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How a UK Fitness Trainer Bounced Back After COVID Gym Closures
Sep 24, 2020

Taking on COVID-19 after it put me on the back foot

by Personal Trainer Stuart Holt, based in Reading, UK

NOTE: British "to be on the back foot" means to be put in a defensive position, to be in retreat.  An equivalent American phrase is to be knocked off balance or to be on the ropes.

At the beginning of 2020 my client diary was full, I had a waiting list, and classes were sold out up to June. I was well on my way to building a loyal community and had...

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Get Your Emails Opened & Read with Great Subject Lines & Avoid them Going Into Spam
Aug 14, 2020

Improve your email open rates with these must do tips!

You'll learn how not to get flagged as spam and how to write compelling subject lines that your subscriber's want to open, read and take action!

Author: Lucy Jeffries

You’ve finished writing your email…  You're ready to send… But wait, what should the subject line be?

Email subject lines may be tricky to think of, and a maybe you think it's not something to  spend much time on,...

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How To Shadow Box: Video Tips & Why You Should Do It
Jul 31, 2020

If I told you I have a brilliant boxing workout that you can do anywhere, anytime with no equipment, it would make you scratch your head and say “REALLY?” Yes It’s called shadow boxing, and on this video I show you exactly how to do it! 

If you do boxing for fitness or even if you’re a high level fighter, you should be shadow boxing

There are a few massive benefits to punching fresh air and I don’t think there is a professional boxer around the world who...

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Timeline of A Boxer's Life & Career - by Tony Jeffries
Jul 31, 2020

Being a boxer is one of the toughest jobs out there. Here is a written time-lapse of an average boxer's career.

 Most boxers start the sport around 10 years of age. It often begins by being introduced to it by a family member - usually a dad, granddad or whomever. In my case, it was my uncle Billy, who was a boxer. 

Within the first couple of weeks of entering a gym you start sparring. You are with kids who are bigger, better and more experienced than you....

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Learn How to Punch Harder, Instantly! 4 Quick Tips
Jul 18, 2020

In the video below, I show you exactly what you need to know to be able to punch harder. Punching hard was one of my biggest assets as a boxer, winning 40-50 fights by TKO or KO.  

Is punching power natural? I would say partly yes, BUT that doesn’t mean that you are punching your hardest and that you can’t punch harder than you do right now. 

There are things everyone can do to punch harder and in this video, I show you the 4 of the most important things you...

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Learn How To Box in the Simplest Way - by an Olympic Boxer, Tony Jeffries
Jun 26, 2020

Are you a big boxing fan and can pick the winner of most fights, or someone who just loves to watch the sport? Maybe you've tried a bit of boxing back in the day, but do you really know how to box? 

On the video below, I break it down for you and teach you everything you need to know - the punches, the movement, the stance, in the simplest way possible. 

I've learned that being able to fight, and being able to teach someone how to box, are two completely...

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Fighting On the Inside vs Fighting On the Outside
Jun 26, 2020

Author: Tony Jeffries

Generally, top fighters master either boxing on the outside or boxing on the inside,  but some great fighters master both! 

In the video below, I show you the difference between fighting on the outside vs fighting on the inside.  

I would say Canelo Alvarez and GGG are two of the best current fighters that are masters at both of these styles, and that’s why, when they’ve fought, it makes it very exciting to watch! 

I like to...

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