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Learn How to Teach Boxing, Retain Clients, Attract New Members, & Grow Your Business with the World’s #1 Boxing Fitness Certification


Want to bring out the best in your staff?

Want to grow your digital presence &
expand your boxing fitness programs?
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“Helping others have more success in their life and career is my favorite thing in life”

- Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries Olympic Boxer

"Box N Burn Certifications put you, your trainers, and your gym on a whole different level.

If you're looking to grow and succeed as a trainer and gym owner, The Academy is the way to go."

Ricky Cruz

Owner HTX Fightcamp, Houston, TX

Invest In Your Team

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Best in the Business

Olympic medalist and team with lifetime of experience in boxing and coaching in highly competitive Los Angeles fitness industry.

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Hands-On Learning

Customized consultation, business advice and complete guidance on how to structure your boxing fitness workouts, classes & programs.

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We Come To YOU

A full-weekend at a location that’s convenient for you. No travel required for your team so you save time and money on hotels and travel related expenses.

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Positive & Inspiring 

We help instill positive, motivated energy into your entire team which will be passed down to your your gym members.

Boxing is one of the most popular trends in the fitness industry. 

Invest in your whole team, get them Box N Burn Certified and offer your members the best boxing fitness workouts that they will love and can’t get enough of.

Our private certification courses are designed to work for you.

Learn from a reputable brand and an Olympic medalist that has a lifetime of experience in boxing and years of building strong, motivated teams of coaches in the mecca of fitness in Los Angeles, CA at Box N Burn (voted CA’s #1 gym by Men’s Fitness). 

Even better, how would you like to learn from the Box N Burn Academy and get a full weekend of hands-on education, customized consultation, business advice and complete guidance on how to structure your boxing fitness workouts, classes & programs, all on a date and at a location that’s convenient for you? You can.

No longer do you have to worry about making sure your diary matches up with our Box N Burn Academy live courses schedule, or having to worry about travel costs, where courses for your team where courses are being held, and all the additional expenses such as hotels, car hire, etc.

We will come to you.

A great fitness business will always have a rock solid team of coaches at its core who are passionate about helping their clients get incredible results with rewarding workouts. 

This is exactly what we help instil in everybody who attends the Box N Burn Academy. 

Imagine all that positive, motivated energy being instilled directly into your whole team at once and immediately rubbing off on your gym’s members right away. 

Our goal is to provide your staff with the most valuable experience possible so that you can offer specialist boxing fitness training to your services.


Box N Burn Academy Private Courses

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The Benefits Of Learning Privately With The Box N Burn Academy

  • Stand out from other gyms in your community by being THE ONLY facility with an entire staff certified by the Box N Burn Academy.
  • No travel required, the world’s #1 boxing fitness certification course Levels 1 & 2 all at your own facility on your schedule. 
  • Olympic Pedigree: Your certification courses are taught directly by Tony Jeffries, Olympic medalist boxer and co-owner of Box ‘N Burn gyms in Los Angeles, CA. Tony’s wealth of experience, in both boxing and the fitness business, make him one of the most valuable people in the world to learn from.
  • Experience: Your certification courses are also taught directly by Glenn Holmes, one of the USA’s most successful personal trainers, the founding coach at Box N Burn and also co-creator & co-owner of the Academy certification.
  • Business Consultation: 1-1 assessment, consultation, facility layout, digital marketing analysis and advice on how to add or modify your future or existing boxing program. Tony & Glenn will work directly with you, analyze your existing set up and help bring the most valuable boxing fitness program to your business.
  • CEU’s: Your team’s certifications are all accredited by NASM, AFFA, ISSA, ACE & PTA Global for personal training continued education units.
  • LEVEL 1 & 2: In just one weekend, you and your team will learn everything covered in the Level 1 & 2 certification, plus all the post-course benefits, online community access & continued education.

Curriculum Covers The Following: 


Wrap hands professionally and efficiently in order to provide effective protection and prevent injury to your clients hands & learn how to use this to build relationships with your members & clients as well as all the other benefits that go along with hand wrapping for boxing fitness sessions.

Perform and coach:

  • Boxing specific warm-ups, the how & why
  • Perfect punch technique, the how to & the why 
  • Basic punch combinations and why they are effective


Learn & put into practise the proven Box N Burn system for teaching the fundamentals of boxing for first time clients & beginner boxers. 

Effective cueing, client focused communication skills, the psychology of coaching & retaining members. 

Safely and effectively hold focus mitts for your clients so that they can learn how to punch with excellent technique without risking injury and get maximum enjoyment from their training sessions. 

Personal Training lecture w/ Glenn Holmes, The Principles Of An Elite Fitness Professional. Learn how to build clientele, build relationships, create maximum value for your clients, leverage your network to grow your career as an elite fitness professional. 

Level 2: you will learn advanced boxing techniques, naturally progressing from the fundamentals in Level 1, including complex punch combinations, cycle flow combinations, footwork, defense and an entire system to take both your mittwork & your clients boxing skills to keep them learning, progressing and enjoying their boxing workouts forever. 

You will also learn all about social media marketing, branding success, content creation and growing your following with a lecture from co-owner of California’s #1 gym, and the leading boxing fitness educator on Instagram, Olympic bronze medalist Tony Jeffries.

In this highly-informative presentation, you will learn all about digital technology, branding, social media best practices, insightful, time saving tips and practical advice for personal trainers, fitness professionals and fitness business owners. 


Following this presentation, your coaches will know exactly how to increase their reach, their following, improve your branding, create valuable digital content, and increase their online presence and exposure. 


Exclusive access to the Certified Trainer private Facebook group; a growing community of Box N Burn certified coaches, gym owners & fitness professionals. 


Exclusive access to your Level 1 & 2 digital manuals and a library of digital marketing materials at boxnburnacademy.com in our certified trainer area.

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Do you want us to help you bring out the best in your staff?

Do you want us to help grow your digital presence & expand your boxing fitness programs?

Schedule Your Private Box N Burn Academy Certification Course

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