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After dropping out of college at half way through my Criminal Justice Degree, I knew that I made the right choice. A few months later, I started working out: Running, Zumba, KickBoxing, BodyPump etc. I became really obsessed with Health and Fitness. From there, I wanted to make healthy food choices (I would say just to have the full package).


Fast forward a few years later, something Tragically happened to me. I lost my 16 Year Old son (Kidnapped and Murdered) my whole life just turned...

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I try to surround myself & learn from coaches, personal trainers or other athletes I highly value because being around those who are better has a tendency to drive me to be better and push to improve. 

 For a lot of us that have been in high level sports we are very self motivated when it comes to our own training sessions but fact is not everybody is! Some people just want to workout to enjoy the social aspect or for the important factor of staying healthy so you...

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