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Take Your Podcast To The Next Level with these 8 Expert Tips from Box N Burn

Sep 30, 2021
International Podcast Day tips from Box N Burn to take your podcast to the next level

Happy International Podcast Day!

We started our podcast, Box N Life in September 2014 and along the way, we learned helpful tips to help take your podcast to the next level. 

As we celebrate International Podcast Day, here are some Box N Burn tips that will elevate your podcast. 


☑️ Plan your content ahead of time. Write and practice your key talking points before you start recording. 

Get a notebook and a pen, and gather some topics that suit or are relevant to your niche. Plan your episodes a week or month ahead. You can also pair your content to holidays. 


☑️ Record in a room that can absorb some of the “echoey” sounds. Fill the room with soft fabrics, or create a mic shield.

Clean podcast audio without background noises or any disturbances will help your audiences to hear and understand you clearly.


☑️ Get a professionally made podcast cover image & Intro and keep it constant.

A good podcast cover image will give your new audiences a visual impression of what your podcast is about and what you’re trying to say. Just as importantly, good podcast cover art is one of the requirements for becoming a featured podcast on iTunes. 

Canva is a free program that you can use to easily make your own podcast cover. With hundreds of free templates you can use, it’s simple to get exactly what you need. 

Looking to hire a professional? Hire a Graphic Designer to have unique and brand-driven graphics for your podcast.

You can either hire someone to make your podcast cover at fiverr.com or hire a virtual assistant through any hiring website. 


☑️ Have new guests on your podcast to have different discussions each time.

Inviting guests on your podcast helps you broaden your exposure to a more engaged audience. It’s one of the organic ways to gain new listeners and a perfect way to get perfect content. If you're articulate and interesting and can share thoughtful insights and tips, a podcast is a perfect place to gain respect from potential customers and other leaders in your industry.

Don’t forget to share your guest’s social media during your episodes and ask your guest to share your social media to their platform too. It would help both audiences to explore and study the topic or industry you are both in.


☑️ Record and listen to an audio test before rolling to make sure everything sounds professional & to avoid technical difficulties during.

Start by checking if the equipment is working or in good condition. Do a sound check, mic test, internet speed if you’re talking to a guest through Skype or Zoom, hard drive check if they are full or not, and camera check if you do a video podcast. Record for at least 3-5 minutes, if everything’s good to go, then start recording.


☑️ Don’t forget to mention your brand & website or social media platforms at least twice during a podcast. This lets your audience know where to find you outside of your podcast. 

Sharing your social media with your audiences makes it much easier to connect and communicate with them. You can interact with your audience and help them to know you and your brand more. You can also post some highlights or the best parts of your podcast episodes on your social media. 

You can use Headliner headliner.app to automatically turn podcasts into shareable videos.


☑️ Before the end of each podcast episode, always tell your readers to subscribe and leave a review if they liked the episode.

It also helps your audiences to get notified of your latest upload and won’t miss a thing in the future. Reviews will also help new audiences to be attracted and get a better understanding of your podcast.


☑️ Be yourself and enjoy the process of getting your message out there. 

Tell your message loud and clear and remember to trust the process.


Do you have more questions about how to start your own podcast?

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