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Box Nā€™ Burn - My Journey So Far

acs acsm become personal trainer boxing certification online issa nasm nsca onnit trx Oct 23, 2019

After recently finding myself ill and in hospital, I promised myself that I would do what I’ve been putting off for a while - I wanted to step back into coaching but this time through fitness and boxing. As a former SFA football coach I have always loved coaching and supporting peoples’ development and helping them to reach their goals. Whilst my route in life took me away from being a coach, my passion for coaching & fitness always remained.

I love boxing and everything the sport brings. I train out of a brilliant gym in Arbroath, Scotland called the Warehouse Gym. There I get the chance to box & workout in the fitness environment. I don’t class myself as a boxer but someone that has a real passion for the it and 100% believe it has benefits for people both physically and mentally.

I have followed Tony Jeffries’s career since he started as a pro and also for a while on social media. I always have been inspired by his supportive and honest videos, his approach to life and his ability to connect with my own passions. After learning about Box n Burn and what it stands for, I thought long and hard about attending. I reached out to Tony on a couple of Instagram posts and he got back offering some advice, that sold it to me. If someone as busy as Tony Jeffries could take the time to support me from afar then I knew I wouldn’t regret making the investment to attend.

After researching the courses and seeing the benefit I would get from them I booked into the Sheffield level 1 and 2 certification in September. It’s truly one of the best things I have done and has reinforced to me that I would love to impact peoples’ development, and their life ambitions and goals. It’s given me so much confidence to clearly see the journey I am on and what I have to do. As someone that had never really held mitts much or “correctly,” so I left with confidence and a belief that with continued practice and focus I will continue to improve.

The course itself is brilliant on many levels. The people you meet are inspirational and the ability both Tony Jeffries and Glenn Holmes have to connect with everyone and make everyone feel special is inspiring to watch and be a part of. They don’t only show you it; they teach you it. Ensuring that everyone goes at the same speed is a skill in itself, but to have a class of mixed skill levels and for everyone to feel they have got something from the two days is a real key skill, and highlights the content of the courses are just spot on. The planning that has gone into them is evident to see and they give you everything you need to start to coach others. It also gives you the confidence that you could jump straight into coaching boxing at a good level.

Sheffield has not only given me my coaching focus back, it’s giving me a deep desire of improving and being the best version of me and to clearly impact people’s lives. I left the course with a deep belief that this is the path I would love to continue to walk. I am not saying that I will be a pro trainer but I aspire to be the best coach I can be, have my own gym and impact my community. I would massively recommend the courses to everyone that is interested in boxing and fitness. Even if your starting out learning boxing yourself, you will learn so much from time with Tony and Glenn and also so much from the very talented group of people that are also attending the courses. When you come along you become a part of the Box n Burn family and that doesn’t leave afterwards. With continued support, advice and encouragement from both Tony and Glenn, they stick clearly to the commitments that they make to you.

The time listening to Glenn Holmes share his knowledge on how you conduct yourself, treat people, gain and retain clients was first class and I could have listened to him speak all day, he’s clearly one of the best at what he does. Tony’s shares on building your brand was outstanding and to share the level of detail he did was rooted in a deep care to impart his knowledge into helping others - these parts of the courses are worth the fee alone. The networking night was such a great thing to do and it was great getting to know some of the other people on the course more. Brilliant to have heard everyone’s story and keep in touch with so many people.

I'm so inspired after attending that I am planning to get myself over to the States to take part in some of the classes and to continue to learn from the best in boxing. I will also be attending again in Sheffield next year and I won’t be the first to have done that or do it. Part of becoming the best you can is investing in yourself and I see spending any time with Tony and Glenn is doing that for sure. Dreams are there to be made and with great support from the Box n Burn Academy family I am 100% confident that I will get there. All I can say is a massive thanks to Tony and Glenn and for them both to keep doing what they are doing, hopefully they both know the impact that they are making on people and if not, trust me you both are. Kudos and thank you for inspiring me.



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