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The speed bag/speedball has been around since my grandad was a little boy. visually the most impressive piece of equipment in a boxing gym. We've seen fighters over the years blasting the ball doing tricks, going really fast, even looking away from the ball while they hitting it.

For me, some of the best are Floyd Mayweather Lomachenko and Lornarez you will see videos of them hitt the bag it's very impressive.

The main benefits of hitting this thing are hand and eye coordination, which...

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After recently finding myself ill and in hospital, I promised myself that I would do what I’ve been putting off for a while - I wanted to step back into coaching but this time through fitness and boxing. As a former SFA football coach I have always loved coaching and supporting peoples’ development and helping them to reach their goals. Whilst my route in life took me away from being a coach, my passion for coaching & fitness always remained.

I love boxing and everything the...

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