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Tips on Throwing an Uppercut from BNB Level 2 Academy

bnb Feb 16, 2017

AUTHOR: Keven Watson, Box ‘N Burn Co-Owner & Founder

Our first Level 2 Box ‘N Burn Academy was on Sunday, February 19th, 2017.  We have plenty of new content that we will be sharing with all the attendees, including how to throw an uppercut!

Here’s a little teaser on how to throw a mechanically sound uppercut – always remembering to recoil the hand back to the face, as shown in this photo.

An uppercut, similar to the hook, is a short to mid-range punch which is used “inside the pocket”. We will use the mid-range uppercut thrown from the power hand, or back hand. An uppercut can be used to break through the hands of a tight guard, or to counter an opponent who is over reaching and leaning inwards, with their weight on the front foot.

Similar to a hook, it is one of the more difficult punches to master. 

The mechanics of a mid-range uppercut are very similar to the mechanics of a cross.

1. Throw the uppercut from the chin, driving through the floor, slightly rotating the back foot, hip and shoulder, into the punch.

2. As the body rotates into the punch, your elbow will drive off of your hip.

3. As the hand moves away from your chin, turn the hand so the palm faces inwards (towards the face), and the knuckles face outwards.

4. The uppercut will drive straight up the middle of the opponent’s defensive guard, aiming for the chin.

5. After connecting the punch, recoil the punch back to staring position, at the face, similar to how you see me pulling the punch back to my chin after landing it in the photo above (I am on the left).


DO NOT over extend the punch. This will expose openings in your own guard.

DO NOT load up for this punch by lowering the hand much lower than the chin before throwing.

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