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On a Mission

Aug 05, 2019

My brother has been one of the biggest influencer of my life, he raised me while my parents were working 12 hour shift jobs trying to get by. I’ve always looked up to my older brother, I witnessed his passion and dedication to football during his high school years. I would help him train for his performances by being his dummy and would even wake up at five in the morning to join him for mile runs. During my brothers journey I learned what it was to be driven and ambitious. My father was also an athlete, he is a former boxer from Guatemala in the 1980’s. He would tell me countless stories of his matches and the numerous combinations he would throw in a match. My dad started my journey of boxing at the age of twelve, he signed me up for a boxing club. I still remember the first feeling of putting on the gloves, I felt this fire inside that led me to fall in love. It helped me release any emotional struggle I was facing and it became my therapy sessions.

During high school I enrolled into the police academy because I wanted to face new obstacles and taught me how to be disciplined, self motivated, and independent. After I graduated, I realized that becoming a police officer was no longer a goal of mine. Once I received my associates, I joined brazilian Jiu Jistu because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge of mixed martial arts. As my journey was just starting I also stumbled upon Muay Thai and it gave me that feeling when I first was introduced into boxing.

In 2017, I had my son, who has been the biggest blessing in my life. As a single mother my son has driven me to never give up on my dreams and to always keep pushing. During my training at El Luchador Barbell Club, I was introduced to BoxnBurn by one of the trainers. BoxnBurn has been hands down the best academy I have yet to experience in my life. In the two days of training I have gained so much knowledge from both Coaches Tony and Glenn. I was taught the fundamentals of boxing, how to keep clientele, how to use social media to build your brand, and I met great people along the way. This experience has taught me to not to sleep on my dream but step out of my comfort zone and become a go getter. I enjoy helping other people and I want to help others by giving the knowledge I have learned along the way. I want thank BoxnBurn for this amazing experience!


Cyntia Santos


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