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How I Stand Out from the Competition as a Fitness Professional in Los Angeles

bnb Feb 27, 2017

Written by Heather – Certified ??Boxing & BoxingYoga Coach & Kettlebell specialist.

Devoted to an ever improving healthy lifestyle!


My 8-5 just wasn’t cutting it. The hardest part was coming back to my desk after doing BoxingYoga on my lunch break. I knew I had to make a decision. Stay at my comfortable, salary corporate job, or courageously devote myself to a new career in fitness.


I had 4 months experience Boxing and practiced Yoga for a year. Beyond being a natural athlete, that was the extent of my physical activity. I walked into Box N Burn a few months after moving from the east coast to LA, desiring an opportunity in the fitness industry, when I was introduced to the Box n Burn Academy. POWER MOVE!


The Box n Burn Academy accelerated my career in fitness. After earning a certification from the Box n Burn Academy, I was hired as a trainer on the Box n Burn team, and immediately produced the return on my investment.


The academy taught me, how to teach someone that has never boxed before the fundamentals of boxing. It’s incredible to introduce a new style of fitness to someone especially with boxing being a bit intimidating. The academy extends education to hold mitts for experience fighters.

Learning from the BNB Academy, unlocked an incredible about of potential within myself and for my career!

 I am able to differentiate myself in the flooded market of fitness professionals and add immense value to individual lives, as they get in shape and learn to defend themselves.


My own confidence increased when I took up the sport, which drives my passion to bring that to everyone!
While we are on the topic of passion; the team that runs the academy are the most passionately, devoted individuals. The sole reason they are teaching is because they undoubtedly love to coach and create opportunities for others to grow.


All my gratitude.


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heather trainer at box n burn

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