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Building success with Box 'N Burn

bnb Dec 30, 2018

Building Success with Box 'N Burn

Article by guest blogger and Certified BNB Trainer:

Stuart Holt - UK Personal Trainer/Coach

Instagram: sh_bodykinetics
Website: BodyKinetics.co.uk

I have eight years experience in the UK fitness industry, developing a passion for boxing, strength and conditioning, and coaching as a certified elite level boxing for fitness instructor. I wanted 2018 to be my progression year, taking my skill-set to the next level, so I signed up for a number of courses.

I was introduced to Box N Burn Academy and heard they were coming to the UK to hold a weekend course at the British Institute of Sport in Sheffield; I knew this was going to be the opportunity I was looking for to further develop my skills.

At the venue, where Anthony Joshua trains along with a whole list of GB Olympians, there was a special feeling of just being there. The weekend did not disappoint and Tony and his entire Box 'N Burn team fully delivered.

It was a career and a life-changing weekend, and from my past experience of other courses, I realized I was learning from some of the best coaches in the business.

The team were welcoming, gave lots of advice, and encouraged everyone to become better versions of themselves in every aspect of our coaching as well as our business.

I came away with a whole different outlook on my business and knew exactly what I should focus on and how I should be doing it.

I'm a new improved version of myself.  With my extra skills and knowledge I've  developed a ‘WOW’ factor for my clients, who are buzzing for every session, as much as I am when I'm coaching!


In 2018, I was looking to advance to the next level in the industry, to align my skill-set with my goals, vision and outlook,  and I found it with the Box N Burn Academy.

My business is booming and opening up to so many opportunities, one of which was being invited to train the staff at Lululemon headquarters in Covent Garden, London.

I can’t thank Tony, Glenn, Kevan, and JoJo enough for what they have developed and passed on to me. The experience was life-changing and gave me the confidence and skills to transform my clients.

Being part of a community that is ever-evolving is special and I am glad to be a part of it. It’s a shame we are over 6000 miles apart as it would be great to collaborate with them on a more regular basis in the future.


Stuart Holt - UK Personal Trainer/Coach
Follow Stuart on Instagram: sh_bodykinetics
Checkout his website BodyKinetics.co.uk

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