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Author: SEO EXPERT & Web Designer Michelle Farrell of I Ain't Your Momma, Santa Monica, CA

As a personal trainer you need to start to think and act like a BUSINESS. You are a BRAND!

Start to build your brand authority, recognition, and reputation.


branding value


99% of PTs are not doing all of the following, so get ahead of your competition!

Follow these tips below, they are all FREE

and will cost you nothing but your time!


1. Network - obvious but often overlooked!


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Shadow boxing is great for a number of reasons.

It’s the perfect way to warm up specific muscles before you start your boxing session as you will be moving around:

  • Use your legs, move your head, relax the shoulders, throw some punches, shake your limbs out, repeat!
  • Make sure you breathe and put some purpose into your movements and you should break a sweat.

Shadow boxing is  great for working on technique:

  • It's great to work on certain offense or defensive moves;...
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Footwork is the best form of defense. The reason is that if you're not there to be hit, how can they hit you? 

Other defenses include slipping, rolling, leaning back, blocking, and parrying. They can all be great, but with these, your feet are still in range so there's a chance you can still get caught! Also, if you do get hit while you're moving away from a shot then you will take the sting out of it. 

Footwork gets you in range to get your shots off and allows you to...

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Who doesn’t want to pack a hard punch?

By Tony Jeffries

In my opinion, whether you’re a world class boxer, a mother of a 3 year old kid, or you are a young kid, you want to be able to punch hard, right? Punching is probably the best way to defend yourself and hold your own if needed.

As a fighter, punching hard was one of my biggest assets

Since retiring from boxing in 2012 as an undefeated professional and Olympic bronze medalist, I’ve taught over 10,000 people how to...

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Attention to detail, positive reinforcement make the boxing for fitness experience more enjoyable and safer for your clients




Boxing starts from the ground up. Often times simple adjustments made to foot placement or movement is all that is necessary to correct an error in form. However, there are instances when more advanced and delicate corrections are necessary. A good trainer will be able to pinpoint and identify flaws in technique and...

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Box ‘N Burn has brought boxing fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry worldwide by offering a unique and unparalleled training style and environment.


First and foremost, boxing is addictive, Rewarding, stress relieving, and most importantly FUN!

The B’NB  formula for fitness training is not only appealing to a wide range of individuals for these reasons, but it’s also highly effective in achieving a variety of fitness...
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Why Most Gyms Fail! Avoid these Pitfalls!

Thinking about opening your own gym?

Listen to Kevan and Tony’s take on why other gyms fail and how to avoid the pitfalls, they are talking to Adam, Sal and Justin of Mind Pump Radio, in San Jose.

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Written by Heather – Certified ??Boxing & BoxingYoga Coach & Kettlebell specialist.

Devoted to an ever improving healthy lifestyle!


My 8-5 just wasn’t cutting it. The hardest part was coming back to my desk after doing BoxingYoga on my lunch break. I knew I had to make a decision. Stay at my comfortable, salary corporate job, or courageously devote myself to a new career in fitness.


I had 4 months experience Boxing and practiced Yoga for a year. Beyond being...
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Highly successful personal trainers; Kevan Watson, Glenn Holmes, and Tony Jeffries.
give their tips on how they acquire and retain clients in Los Angeles, the most highly competitive place on Earth for personal trainers.

Click to listen to “What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?” on our Box’n Life Podcast


Beyond your expertise you should have emotional intelligence, open communication, build trust, stay...

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