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On a Mission
Aug 05, 2019

My brother has been one of the biggest influencer of my life, he raised me while my parents were working 12 hour shift jobs trying to get by. I’ve always looked up to my older brother, I witnessed his passion and dedication to football during his high school years. I would help him train for his performances by being his dummy and would even wake up at five in the morning to join him for mile runs. During my brothers journey I learned what it was to be driven and ambitious. My father...

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Video: 10 Ways To Hit the Speed Bag & Benefits with Tony Jeffries
Jul 24, 2019

Speed Bag

The speed bag improves hand speed, your hand-eye coordination, timing, and helps you to get into the habit of keeping your hands up.

Perfect the striking melody of the speed bag and you will have reached a high level of timing and that is crucial for a successful puncher.


Benefits of the speed bag

  • Hand Speed and Punching Power.  Both are required to keep the bag going at a constant rate of speed, as your hand speed increases, so does the power of your punch. 
  • ...
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My 3 Takeaways from the Box N Burn Academy in Miami, Florida
Jun 26, 2019
3 Takeaways from BoxnBurn Miami 
guest post by Yazeed Salaam

1. Consistency - This is the 3rd time I've attended a Box N Burn Academy Certification Course. I have witnessed the constant professionalism, excellent instructing and genuine care of other Fitness Professionals. BNBA has definitely enhanced my career. My passion for fitness as a whole has been ignited through Boxing. Its not only transformed myself as a coach but it's transformed my existing clients and has...

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Awesome Austin Course Has Changed My Personal Trainer Career!
Jun 26, 2019
Guest post by Miguel Guerra, Austin Personal Trainer & Coach at Title Boxing-  May 2019
Before I describe how awesome Box n Burn Academy is, I'd like to give some background on myself and the coaches who helped me get this far. Boxing has been quite the journey for me and I have been blessed with good mentors.
My journey began May of 2015, when I joined Title Boxing Club in College Station, TX....
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Review of Austin, TX Boxing Certification Course by Trainer & Gym Owner
Jun 13, 2019
My name is Ryan Thomson and I’ve been a trainer in the fitness industry for the last 13 years. 
I want to talk about the amazing guys behind Box N Burn. 
It’s a pretty cool story how I even got introduced to these guys. A client of Tony’s at Box N Burn was from my hometown in Wisconsin, and she was home visiting from Los Angeles. We got to talking and she was telling me how she goes to Box N Burn and how amazing the gym was, and if...
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Want a More Powerful Punch? It’s in the Hips!
Apr 04, 2019

Punch Harder: Strategies for a More Powerful Punch

Author: Ayad Mirjan, trainer at BNB gym. Follow@Ayad_bnb on Instagram

You do not need to be a boxing expert to know that engaging the hips is as basic to boxing as jumping is to basketball. The hips are integral to throwing a powerful, yet efficient, punch. They are the engines that power the body and make hitting a target with a balled up fist possible.
Mechanically speaking, the hips generate the force that activates the core (abdominals,...

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Boxing for the Aging Brain
Mar 07, 2019

The last thing people think of when they hear “boxing” is that it is good for the brain. In fact, most people think it’s a brutal sport, and it can be. What if I told you an 89 year old man, with Parkinson’s disease, a pace maker, legally blind and a diabetic increased his reaction time with non contact boxing. Also, his pacemaker went from working 99% to 97%. All from boxing.


Learning to box is mental challenge.

Combinations, footwork, new movement patterns...

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Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!
Jan 24, 2019

Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

By Guest Blogger and Certified BNB Trainer Kristy May

IG: @Kmayfitness/


My whole upbringing as a child had been pretty traumatic from having drug-addicted parents to being moved around foster homes & abused, I experienced a lot of hardship at a young age. Then as a young teenager, I found Boxing & I can’t even explain how much it helped me mentally.

I used to go to 6am classes every day before school just to give myself that...

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Building success with Box 'N Burn
Dec 30, 2018

Building Success with Box 'N Burn

Article by guest blogger and Certified BNB Trainer:

Stuart Holt - UK Personal Trainer/Coach

Instagram: sh_bodykinetics

I have eight years experience in the UK fitness industry, developing a passion for boxing, strength and conditioning, and coaching as a certified elite level boxing for fitness instructor. I wanted 2018 to be my progression year, taking my skill-set to the next level, so I signed up for a number of courses.


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