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Aug 21, 2019


I try to surround myself & learn from coaches, personal trainers or other athletes I highly value because being around those who are better has a tendency to drive me to be better and push to improve. 

 For a lot of us that have been in high level sports we are very self motivated when it comes to our own training sessions but fact is not everybody is! Some people just want to workout to enjoy the social aspect or for the important factor of staying healthy so you...

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Online Certification to Live Course Validation
Aug 20, 2019

In January of 2018 I decided to make a change in my life and dive back into fitness. As a lifelong athlete, I knew what I had to do. I walked into a local gym and gave it my all. I enrolled in the boxing program and fell in love with all it. The fundamentals, the mental and the physical part of boxing made me come alive.

I saw so many people that had so much potential. I also saw so many people that just needed a little push to get going because life had gotten in the way. That is something...

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Heart Rate Monitors, EPOC, and Our Philosophy at ZPT
Aug 10, 2019

ZPT: How we set up our programming and why we aren’t your
typical HIIT studio workout.

On the strength side of the Zoom wall our goal is to make you STRONGER and help you move BETTER. You will find that building functional strength will not only enhance your other cardio workouts (cycling, running, etc.) but will make it easier to get through your daily life tasks. We believe the best way to make your body stronger is to separate 'strength' from 'conditioning.' In order to truly get...

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Aug 09, 2019

2 major components to a successful fitness regimen:

  • Fun
  • Results

In order to have fun, you must “buy-in” to the program, or truly believe it will work, and be doing something you truly enjoy (or will come to enjoy via it’s results).

In order to get results, you must adhere to the program, or exercise, with consistency. To do so, you must be having fun!

Let’s talk about an outlet I (and just about everyone else who tries it) deem incredibly fun, a long term driver of...

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Aug 08, 2019

The Box'N Burn Academy: A True Blessing And Nothing Short Of Amazing.
I Don’t Recall When I Was Introduced To The Box ‘n Burn, But I Do Know I Was Hooked From First Glance. There Was Just Something About These Gentlemen That Made You Trust Them Over A Video. The Mitt Holding From Glenn Holmes And The Striking Prowess Of Tony Jeffries Captured My Attention Immediately. So, I Began To Follow Their Social Media Accounts For Boxing Advice And I Also Purchased 2 Of Tony’s Boxing...

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The weekend course in Santa Monica
Aug 06, 2019

My wife and I who both train back in the uk had previously visited the box n burn gym in Santa Monica when we were last visiting and enjoyed our experience training there. We found out there would be a course running in July and thought we would combine a holiday with some training/learning. We arrived in LA on the Friday evening tired but excited for the next days level 1 certification course.

The course was packed with content to keep us thinking throughout the day ranging from wrapping a...

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The Importance of Being a Fitness Professional
Aug 05, 2019

When we teach our clients about fitness, boxing, and fat loss, we usually include a lesson about physiology that teaches them that there is never a zero change in body fat levels at any one point. 

We reinforce that EVERYTHING we do is leading us down a path...And you are walking along that path and every time you do something that is aligned with what you want in your life, you are taking a step forward.
And to move the needle all we need to do is consistently take 1 little step...

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On a Mission
Aug 05, 2019

My brother has been one of the biggest influencer of my life, he raised me while my parents were working 12 hour shift jobs trying to get by. I’ve always looked up to my older brother, I witnessed his passion and dedication to football during his high school years. I would help him train for his performances by being his dummy and would even wake up at five in the morning to join him for mile runs. During my brothers journey I learned what it was to be driven and ambitious. My father...

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Video: 10 Ways To Hit the Speed Bag & Benefits with Tony Jeffries
Jul 24, 2019

Speed Bag

The speed bag improves hand speed, your hand-eye coordination, timing, and helps you to get into the habit of keeping your hands up.

Perfect the striking melody of the speed bag and you will have reached a high level of timing and that is crucial for a successful puncher.


Benefits of the speed bag

  • Hand Speed and Punching Power.  Both are required to keep the bag going at a constant rate of speed, as your hand speed increases, so does the power of your punch. 
  • ...
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