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5 Things You Need To Know About Nutrition During Self-Isolation
Apr 10, 2020

Author:  Will Davis, MSc

Some people may be using this period of self-isolation as an opportunity to take control of things, including their training and nutrition, and actually lose some body fat.

Other people may have previously had control and are now worried that this drastic change to their daily routine will result in putting body fat on during this period of isolation.

Whilst others may simply want a bit of guidance about nutrition when stuck at home all day.

Whatever your...

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5 Tips To Work Successfully At Home
Apr 04, 2020

Author: Glenn Holmes, originally posted on his blog

March 2020 will forever be remembered in history. Staying safe and healthy (physically, mentally, financially) during CoVid 19 is our top priority.

Right now many of us are pivoting, adjusting, and figuring out how to stay productive and on-top of what needs doing in order to come out of this ahead.

Right now, you may be working from home temporarily, (or maybe your future goal is to build your...

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How I Embrace My Fear & Not Let It Define Me
Feb 20, 2020

By author: Stewart Wilson

How fear shouldn’t define you Just learn to embrace it.


I recently watched a video that Anthony Joshua posted “relating to the struggle”. It 100% hit home and I felt a connection to his words and how he was saying it. 

We all have struggles and fears in life. Some of us can’t help but let them define who we are and some of us react to the fear doing everything possible to embrace and accept it. I loved how AJ spoke openly about...

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How Boxing As A Pre-Teen Injured My Hands - Tony Jeffries
Feb 10, 2020

By the time I was 13 years old, I had been already been boxing for three years. I was champion of England for my 63 kg weight category - yeah, I was a big kid and pretty mature for my age! One of the main reasons I had success at that age was because I could punch hard - which was great, but it had its downside.

 Because I was punching so hard, but my body wasn’t fully developed,  my hands took a lot of punishment. They were always swelling up and, to be honest, back...

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How a Cut from a Headbutt Cost Me $43,000!
Jan 15, 2020

Here's my story of how a cut cost me $43,000. I received this cut from a deliberate headbutt in my eighth professional fight.

The doctor who stitched me up after the fight, didn’t do the best job. There were a few fighters who were also cut on the show and as he was the only doctor sewing up the lacerations, I think he was rushed, so he didn’t do a great job.

Six weeks later at training camp for my next fight which was scheduled for eight weeks later...

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Why Women Should Box: The Amazing Benefits of Boxing
Nov 22, 2019

There are so many new fitness fads and trends that it can be hard to know which ones actually work, but boxing is one workout that continues to be loved by many people around the world. The American Council of Exercise lists boxing as a strength and cardio workout all at once — and a highly effective one to boot. It’s also an exercise that’s easy to get into, doing away with fancy equipment and specialized movements.

For women, boxing provides more than an...

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My Amazing Brother, the Sunderland Boxer, Tony Jeffries
Nov 22, 2019

I always knew Tony was going to do great things, but I never imagined how great.

Despite the 11 year age gap between us, Tony and I have always been very close. I have a ton of great memories from when I was little, he would chase me around the house and play games with me, even throughout his strict and demanding schedule as an amateur boxer on the England team. I never noticed his absence, as he always made time for me when he was home from his Sheffield training camps.


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5 Tips On How To Train Like a Boxer To Improve Your Fitness
Nov 15, 2019

Boxing for fitness is a great way to not only spice up your training schedule, but to take your fitness to new levels you didn’t think possible. Below are some training methods you can incorporate into your routine and improve your boxing.


Improve your footwork and get light on your feet by learning to skip. This is key as it increases your ability to time movements and punches while you are balanced. Add speed to the exercise by turning the rope faster, jumping higher and...

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Boxing for Fitness: Learn Technique Without Getting Hit
Nov 15, 2019

As a sport boxing requires a high level of athletic ability: speed, strength, agility, hand-eye coordination are just some of the fitness components required. Boxing as a fitness activity enables the average person to hone those athletic skills without having to take a punch.

Learning the art of boxing for fitness comes with a large number of benefits. We are all aware of the importance of improving our cardiovascular fitness to improve our health in both the short and long term. This is...

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