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Video: 10 Ways To Hit the Speed Bag & Benefits with Tony Jeffries

Jul 24, 2019

Speed Bag

The speed bag improves hand speed, your hand-eye coordination, timing, and helps you to get into the habit of keeping your hands up.

Perfect the striking melody of the speed bag and you will have reached a high level of timing and that is crucial for a successful puncher.


Benefits of the speed bag

  • Hand Speed and Punching Power.  Both are required to keep the bag going at a constant rate of speed, as your hand speed increases, so does the power of your punch. 
  • Eye-Hand & Foot coordination. Target the bag for single or repetitive contact, with one or both hands, and to do this continuously at the right time. You can do this standing fairly still facing the bag or moving around with basic footwork.  
  • Rhythm and Timing. Maintain constant and continuously flowing hand and arm movements with equal force and speed.
  • Fitness Benefits. Holding your arms and hands up for extended periods of time, builds shoulder and arm strength and endurance. Tones, shapes and defines muscles involved.  Cardio and aerobic benefits. 


Striking power is increased by both tensing-up and by breathing out (exhale) on the hit.

 Exhale on hits - a light breath on a light hit, and a heavy breath on a hard hit. 

Many boxers prefer to keep the mouth almost closed, and force the breath out with an ‘eesh’ from between the teeth - this adds to tension

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