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The weekend course in Santa Monica

Aug 06, 2019

My wife and I who both train back in the uk had previously visited the box n burn gym in Santa Monica when we were last visiting and enjoyed our experience training there. We found out there would be a course running in July and thought we would combine a holiday with some training/learning. We arrived in LA on the Friday evening tired but excited for the next days level 1 certification course.

The course was packed with content to keep us thinking throughout the day ranging from wrapping a clients hands to ways of maximising your time coaching. As the day drew to a close my wife and I successfully completed our assessment and headed home to get ready to meet up with Tony, Glenn and others on the course at the fairmont hotel. The evening was a great opportunity to pick both Glenn and Tony’s brain as they offered up awesome pointers for coaching. Feeling the jetlag Sunday morning but excited for the box n burn level 2 certification course we headed to the gym and revised day 1’s content before progressing to more complex drills combining attack and defence as part of the drills.

After a sweaty morning session we had a steady start to the afternoon with a chat given by Tony on the importance of social media for your brand the chats from both Glenn and Tony are some of the most important aspects of the weekend for me and I literally started to implement the lessons learnt immediately. We finished the afternoon combining attack and defence to create longer combinations on the mitts and then set about our level 2 assessment which Jo and I both passed.

The course was well worth the effort and distance to attend and was packed with content for coaches new to the sport and those with experience. Upon returning to the uk I immediately noticed the benefit of the course when working with my clients. The box n burn team went above and beyond for everyone and the follow up support has also been amazing. I can not recommend this course enough to people of all abilities as previously stated there’s something for everyone to learn here.

James Doyle

Leeds England

Instagram : James Doyle

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