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How To Burn 500-700+ Calories An Hour While Having Fun!

bnb Dec 19, 2017

If getting into shape is part of your New Year’s resolution then I would highly recommend boxing is the way to go!

The amount of benefits you will gain from boxing training is endless!

You will shed a tremendous amount of fat, as you’re burning up to 500-700+ calories an hour. You will also tone up, improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, hand-eye coordination and so much more!

Not only is it a great way to shed fat but it’s also a great new skill where you will feel more confident in self-defense if you ever needed it!

When training it’s not just your arms that is getting a workout it’s your whole body as one single punch not only engages the upper body but with proper technique, it will also draw power from your core, hips, and legs!

Boxing is also one of the best forms of stress relief, if you think of all the frustration from work, drama from your friends, then with boxing you can take the anger out on the pads or even the heavy bag which will release all of that pent-up aggression and will let you relieve your stress through a healthy outlet.

Boxing also requires mental exercise and skill, as remembering combinations, thinking on your feet and utilizing proper technique under pressure is only some of the things happening at the same time in a boxing workout. With boxing, there is more than one thing you have to remember at once, and that’s what makes it effective. Rather than trudging through the motions or mindlessly walking on a treadmill, boxing will engage your brain and make you think fast!

After my experience in the boxing fitness industry, I have learned that boxing is for absolutely anyone, and anyone can do it no matter your age, height, weight, male or female you can start anytime you want!

by Henry Jones

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