How I Embrace My Fear & Not Let It Define Me

Feb 20, 2020

By author: Stewart Wilson

How fear shouldn’t define you 🥊 Just learn to embrace it.


I recently watched a video that Anthony Joshua posted “relating to the struggle”. It 100% hit home and I felt a connection to his words and how he was saying it. 

We all have struggles and fears in life. Some of us can’t help but let them define who we are and some of us react to the fear doing everything possible to embrace and accept it. I loved how AJ spoke openly about having struggles and fears, however they do not define him to be less of a man. He accepts them and understands that life is short and our families and what we do in that time is more important, that standing still over something that brings fear is not the answer - accepting it is. 




I accept that I have fears in life. Some things that I’m not good at and some things that try to stop me in my tracks. As I grow older I seek to find ways to ensure that I understand the why and a way to work through them. One of the best things I have found to help is fitness, especially boxing. My love of the sport was only enhanced by Box N Burn Academy and the work that they do. 


It's Ok to Fail

Boxing especially helps me think, prepare for anything that’s coming and to also put fear firmly in front of me. I also believe surrounding yourself with good people always helps. There will be things I fail at and I use to guard against that happening which in itself takes a lot of energy. I am finding out that it’s cool to fail as long as you pick yourself up and drive forward. Seeking every opportunity to be a better version of yourself. 


Stay on Track

With boxing and fitness I find myself creating the best version of me. Whenever I need a boost or I need to focus, you can find me at the Warehouse gym, Arbroath, Scotland working out with Dan or Lee; who are great people to have around you, or you will find me strapping up my gloves and throwing some leather watching some videos from the Master Boxing package from Tony Jeffries. Nothing compares to spending time with my girls thou ‍(#girldad).


That's me in the grey with my mate Danyle (@danyleferguson), he competes at powerlifting.

I'm in the Box N Burn T-shirt and my training buddy / PT Dan (@danbon13), he’s an award winning bodybuilder.


 Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I have also found myself recently seeking different ways to become a better learner and a pupil and have very much thrown myself into different environments where I’m no longer an expert in the field. An example of this was doing my level 1 and 2 at Box N Burn Academy. This is helping me become a better me and is certainly driving me forward in my goals to be the best father, brother, husband, uncle and friend I can be (and eventually a trainer, coach and mentor). I’m heading out to Los Angeles in May to take Level 3 Boxing Fitness Certification and spend time at Box N Burn gym in Santa Monica which again will take me out of my comfort zone, however I can’t wait. 


Be Inspired

I’ve also kept in touch with so many people from meeting them at Box N Burn Academy held at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, UK, and I am looking forward to training with Scott Cardle shortly and have used Ruben from Go Train Fitness where I have learned loads from him. @harrykay_pt and @emaboxing are also people that inspire me from afar and what they have set up is first class. 

Here I'm with @Scottycardle - Scott Cardle is a British former professional boxer who competed from 2012 to 2018. He held the British lightweight title from 2015 to 2016. As an amateur, he won a bronze medal in the welterweight division at the 2009 EU Championships. I trained with him last week, he's one of the most humble and inspiring guys I’ve ever met.


Me and @warehouse_gym_arbroath. That’s Lee my PT, he represents GB for weight lifting, it’s his gym. The others aren’t on instagram but far right is MMA fighter John Cooper.


Giving Back

I’ve also realised that you can’t give every part of yourself to others, however have learnt that you can continue to be there supporting people in their goals, through their fears and through their ups and downs. My door will always be open to anyone that needs help and support, I will always continue to leave the light on for anyone that needs it - I had the best teacher in my Mum who has done this for 30 plus years, fostering hundreds of children ️. 


You Are Human 

I often wondered what fear is and how it strikes, sometimes out of nowhere, even when your super prepared for the task in hand. The definition of fear “is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm” these feelings do not make us a coward, it makes us human.


Don't Dwell On Other People's Opinion Of You 

As I put this together my second blog I fear the response, however it doesn’t pause me to not put it out there. It’s my feelings, how I’m keeping focused in the crazy, zapping world we live in currently and if only one person can relate to what I’m saying then I am pretty cool about it, because we all have struggles and fears no matter how successful we are in life, work or even in our own passions. 


Stay Focused

I have massively realised the power of fitness and boxing and how that contributes to who I am. My advice to everyone that hasn’t already given it a go is to give it a go, forget yourself for a while and go throw some leather. It’s the best thing out there to get you focused, remind you of what you have already achieved and helps you prepare for the goals that you set yourself. I’ve started to live by this:

 “All the best things in life are on the other side of risk, the other side of fear”

I will hold the pads for you 🥊 go follow Box N’ Burn Academy co-owners, Glenn Holmes and Tony Jeffries and that should be the start of the spark you need, it certainly was for me. 



About the author, Stewart Wilson:

Follow on Instagram @stewartwilson23

Stewart lives in Carnoustie, Scotland, a golfing town, with his two little girls and wife of 10 years.  He is an SFA qualified coach and former SFA and Scottish Premiership Community Coach at Falkirk Football Club.

With a HND in Sports Coaching he's looking to get back into coaching after a 20 year hiatus working in retail at the senior management level. His ambition is to have his own boxing gym, and aiming toward that goal he is learning from the best out there, through continuing his education at the Box 'N Burn Academy and  @warehouse_gym_arbroath. 

Stewart is a Certified Level 1 & 2 Box 'N Burn Academy trainer, which he completed in Sheffield, UK. He is attending the Los Angeles, US, Level 3 BNBA in May, 2020.

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