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After dropping out of college at half way through my Criminal Justice Degree, I knew that I made the right choice. A few months later, I started working out: Running, Zumba, KickBoxing, BodyPump etc. I became really obsessed with Health and Fitness. From there, I wanted to make healthy food choices (I would say just to have the full package).


Fast forward a few years later, something Tragically happened to me. I lost my 16 Year Old son (Kidnapped and Murdered) my whole life just turned upside down. I was in a NEW BODY. I didn’t know what to do. I would cry everyday and not wanting to leave my house. After attending a few support groups, I realized that I needed to live for myself and my younger son!


I thought about it....I could do dugs everyday, maybe that will help me coup better? I could drink Alcohol, maybe that would help ease the pain? Lock myself away and not face the world at all? or Take my own life?

I have decided doing these are only going to make things much worse than they already are. I started going back to the gym slowly a few times a week. The pain is still there but I figured out a way to deal with it and still wanting to live for myself and my Family.


Two months after getting back into something that I’m really passionate about, which is health and fitness, I got a call from a friend. She told me about a boxing class that she attended in Bridgehampton and really wanted me to take a class with her. Immediately I thought no way, Boxing is only for men. Anyways, I tried it and was so excited about it. It has helped me Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally, especially during this difficult time. I signed up for a whole month of unlimited classes. From there, I started gaining more confidence in being in this world and having a purpose for existence. I became addicted to Boxing so I would attending classes from time to time. A year later, HillStreet Boxing Opened up in Southampton NY. That’s when I knew this was something I wanted to add to my fitness bundle all along. Especially after one of the owners told me that Box n’ Burn Academy was offering a course here in Southampton, I was ready and signed up immediately. Now with my Box N’ Burn Certificate, I can train others to become healthier and stay focus on reaching their fitness goals.


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