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Unfortunately, in 2015 at the age of 30 I was involved in a serious car accident that left me with a broken wrist, torn meniscus in my knee, various torn ligaments in my foot and a bunch of deep gashes and cuts all over my body. Being an extremely active person, this accident left me feeling depressed, immobile and feeling like my world was caving in, but what kept me going were my dad’s encouraging words “You have to make your body strong enough to take what life’s going to throw at you”. A year and a half later after intensive physical therapy and numerous medical visits, my doctor finally gave me the clearance to start training again and in a conversation about boxing training recommended a couple of trainers at BoxNBurn. At that moment, I decided to take full charge of my body again and train like I did prior to my accident.

I came to the BoxNBurn gym in Santa Monica, CA and immediately fell in love. First things I noticed, were the trainer’s effortless skills, dynamic energy, attention to detail and knowledge, but what impressed me the most is that they had the same vision on training as I did. Their boxing fitness classes fitted my needs perfectly. After months of training I decided to take my knowledge and skills to the next level and join the BoxNBurn Academy lead by Box N Burn co-owner Tony Jeffries and the gyms Fitness Director Glenn Holmes. It was such a rewarding experience. They covered everything from the fundamentals of boxing, the importance of impeccable technique, how to build your brand/the value of social media, retaining clients as a personal trainer, coaching skills, as well as breaking down combinations so you can understand the flow of movement and body mechanics in boxing.

This whole Box N Burn experience has taught me how to train more efficiently, build sustainability, the strength of mind and most importantly, the mindset to never give up. One must make the choice to dig deep and come back harder, faster, smarter, and stronger echoing those words my father drilled in to my head all those years ago. Life is a journey, an epic poem, make sure you are the hero in your story.

Name - John Ambeau

Insta - @Johnambeau

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