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Kids Boxing Classes Are Non Violent & FUN with Amazing Health & Emotional Benefits

boxing kids Nov 15, 2019

From an early age it is important for children to have some interests and develop lifestyle habits they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Preferably something that will get them active, particularly in todays society of computer games, YouTube and social media. Poor food choices are often associated with this lifestyle too, so before you know it, it is quite common for children to settle straight into their computer, iPad or TV with a collection of chips, sweets and a can of coke to wash it down.

This type of unhealthy lifestyle will prevent much social interaction from a child’s life at this important developmental stage. Sports clubs are ideal for integrating a healthy lifestyle. Even then, it can be hard to find a sport that they like. Boxing for fitness is a fun and ideal way to introduce kids to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Not only is it a great way for them to meet new people and build relationships, but boxing for fitness will provide a number of physical benefits for children including co-ordination, cardiovascular health, core and physical strength and much more.

However, the psychological benefits are what really sets boxing aside from other sports. Through learning boxing skills, a self-confidence is built that can carry them through life and a number of situations that will present themselves in life. Respect for their peers and those around them is also a by-product for children boxing for fitness.

Excess energy from children can often be expressed through what is perceived as ‘bad behavior’ as they grow up. By finding a sport like boxing, they are then able to channel that energy in a positive way and develop other habits that will enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle. A basic understanding of eating a healthier diet and drinking more water are just some of the simple changes I have seen from the 6-12 year olds I have coached. Naturally, through exercising and being around positive role models, questions about health and fitness arise and spark an interest in healthy living.

Self-confidence and respect are traits that will serve them extremely well as they journey through school, apply for jobs and transition to adult life (its always obvious when an adult hasn’t learnt those qualities earlier in life!!).

Understandably, parents may be apprehensive at taking their children to a boxing class as they will associate it with fighting and other forms of violence (i.e. Mike Tyson biting people's ears off). This could not be further from the truth! In every kids class I have taught, ZERO punches have ever been exchanged. Sessions are purely focused on learning new skills, having fun and channeling energy in a positive way.

Finding a suitable club or trainer however is very important and will also put your mind at rest as a parent. So take your kids down to the local gym that offers kids boxing and speak to the coach, watch a session and judge for yourself, but once you start it's not something you will look back on.

Taking your children to a boxing class does not mean they are going to be hit, but it does mean they have the opportunity to learn new skills, get fit and active, meet new friends and have a lot of FUN!! BOXING FOR KIDS!!!

Lightning’ Lloyd Ellett



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