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Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

bnb Jan 24, 2019

Boxing & Fitness Has Saved My Life!

By Guest Blogger and Certified BNB Trainer Kristy May

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My whole upbringing as a child had been pretty traumatic from having drug-addicted parents to being moved around foster homes & abused, I experienced a lot of hardship at a young age. Then as a young teenager, I found Boxing & I can’t even explain how much it helped me mentally.

I used to go to 6am classes every day before school just to give myself that minute of mindfulness before the day. Boxing gave me an outlet to escape from home life; a place I could stop thinking & stay present. It bought me peace inside & it made me feel empowered. I’ve boxed on & off ever since.

After completing the Box ’N Burn Academy it sparked my passion for boxing again. It reignited a burning desire and an obsession within me again. All I want now is to keep expanding my knowledge on it, & keep improving my skills. Since completing the course, my business has been booming; I’ve even jumped in the ring myself for my first ever amateur fight! And my love for boxing only continues to grow. Putting all the amazing physiological & physical benefits of boxing aside, why I love it most is what it does for me mentally. Even now, as I face a lot of hardships in my life and I continue to battle them, boxing helps me to stay grounded. It makes me feel strong & empowered and I want nothing more than to share that with others, especially women. To make them feel confident & fearless, the way I feel when I put on my gloves.

Boxing has such a beautiful way of bringing people together. It’s a great community building exercise, it creates like a little family, and a place to belong no matter what level someone is at! Boxing is for everyone and it’s something you literally get better at each & every time.

If I didn’t find this love for Boxing/Fitness & this burning desire to serve, others I really don’t know where I would be today.

It’s made me a better human being. It’s made me realize we all have our own fight in life, our own story, our own battles & hardships to overcome. It’s really made me who I am, and as cliche as that sounds I truly believe it saved my life.

Kind regards,

Kristy May



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