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Behind the Scenes at Box 'N Burn Academy held at EIS Sheffield, UK

bnb Sep 09, 2018

By Glenn Holmes

August 2018

🙏🏼 so inspiring being with a top notch group of fitness professionals at such a legendary gym, the English Institute of Sport / GB Boxing HQ: an incredible Olympic facility! Thank you everyone for turning out & taking the time to learn about boxing fitness from Tony Jeffries, Kevan Watson and myself, everyone did great, excellent work & I look forward to hearing all the success stories from here. It’s always a humbling experience doing these Academy courses. Roll on the next one.

Certified Academy members at the Institute of Sport Sheffield UK🌎 2018: we have completed our first 2 international courses (Australia & England) and have 5 more live courses remaining this year across the US.


Academy co-owner Glenn Holmes at the English Institute of Sport boxing ring



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