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Awesome Austin Course Has Changed My Personal Trainer Career!

Jun 26, 2019
Guest post by Miguel Guerra, Austin Personal Trainer & Coach at Title Boxing-  May 2019
Before I describe how awesome Box n Burn Academy is, I'd like to give some background on myself and the coaches who helped me get this far. Boxing has been quite the journey for me and I have been blessed with good mentors.
My journey began May of 2015, when I joined Title Boxing Club in College Station, TX. Throughout that first summer, I remember skipping university to go train. Although my grades suffered, my cardio and my technique grew by leaps and bounds. 
Eventually I was referred to Bryan College Station Boxing Club where I trained with Carl Perry, a 2 division champion in Revolution Cage Warrior Challenge, and Joe Martinez, who at one time coached Oscar De la Hoya during his amateur days. These men are fantastic coaches who have built multiple champions and helped me develop my skills.
I made the transition from fighter to trainer back in August of 2017, when I got hired at the same Title Boxing Club where I had first begun my training. Slowly, but surely I became a better trainer and my workload increased. Despite this, I felt something was missing. I definitely lacked charisma and sometimes I confused members more than I helped them. I felt like I could do better. Be better. 
A few months ago I was scrolling through Instagram looking at Tony Jeffries' page. I saw him post about the Box n Burn Academy live course in Austin and immediately signed up. Despite my resolve, I was quite nervous because I had been raised to think of courses as scams.
Within the first minutes of beginning the Box n Burn Academy all my worries were washed away. I learned about a better way to wrap hands, new warm-ups, how to properly hold mitts, how to be more charismatic and retain clients, and how to market myself more efficiently as a business. On top of that, I met a lot of great people and I was able to take a big step out of my comfort zone. 
 It's only been a day since the Academy and I can already see and feel the impact that the Box n Burn crew have made in my life. The day hasn't ended and I've given two of the best personal trainings of my career. I have a third one scheduled in about an hour and I'm excited just thinking about how I'm going to knock it out of the park. I can't describe how good its felt to see my clients having so much fun and grinning ear to ear.
I hope to continue updating everyone about my progress as a trainer. I will conclude this blog with the words that stuck with me the most throughout the academy: A good boxing training has 3 main components. It's fun, a good workout, and has technique. 

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