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Review of Austin, TX Boxing Certification Course by Trainer & Gym Owner

austin review Jun 13, 2019
My name is Ryan Thomson and I’ve been a trainer in the fitness industry for the last 13 years. 
I want to talk about the amazing guys behind Box N Burn. 
It’s a pretty cool story how I even got introduced to these guys. A client of Tony’s at Box N Burn was from my hometown in Wisconsin, and she was home visiting from Los Angeles. We got to talking and she was telling me how she goes to Box N Burn and how amazing the gym was, and if I ever got a chance to go to LA, I needed to check it out. 
Not long after that, I found myself reaching out to Tony to inquire about their Box N Burn Academy. I wanted to take myself and my trainers to take their certification course in Chicago. After meeting Tony, Glenn, and Kevan in Chicago it gave me a bit of an idea of how they operated not only as fitness professionals but also business owners. 

The certification was absolutely amazing, my crew learned so much and we were able to take those things back and incorporate them into our current training system. I honestly learned more in their one class than I did over the 6 years of training by my former company. 

This isn’t the best part, I finally got a chance to get to Los Angeles and do one of the Box N Burn workouts in the Santa Monica gym . WOW. That is all that I really need to say. Every time I have been back, I am greeted by some of the most friendly and selfless trainers I have ever met. Not to mention the workout is second to none. The way Tony and the guys created the culture behind the gyms is truly amazing and something I strive to do myself. 
I can’t thank the Box N Burn crew enough, especially Tony who is always willing to hop on a phone call with me if needed and give some advice on the gym business, or life. 
I look forward to many more times of SWAY X Box N Burn collaborating in the future. 
See you guys soon in LA!!!
I fell in love with fitness and personal training after college, well, after what I call college. 
I actually am a college drop out. I went to college for about a year and after that I decided not to continue with school. The biggest reason for this was that my life was football, I lived and breathed it, it was all I cared about. During my freshman year of college I suffered a career ending injury playing football and needed my 4th shoulder surgery. After surgery I fell into a depression and was in a pretty dark place for a couple years. 
Fitness actually helped me to get back on track and get back to doing what I loved. It truly saved my life. I started training friends and family and just fell in love with the ability to coach people and help them achieve what they didn’t think they could on their own. 
Fast forward a few years and after gym hopping a bit as a personal trainer, I decided I wanted to own my own gym. This led me to getting in touch with a new kickboxing gym that began franchising, and I jumped on board.  In April of 2013 I opened my first gym and just a little over a year after that I opened my second location, in June of 2014. 
I absolutely fell in love with running my own businesses and creating these gym “communities" at each location. 
I am very grateful to have been able to have this opportunity because it had taught me a lot about business and a lot about myself as well. Over the five years of owning both gyms, I had ups and downs as a business, like any entrepreneur knows too well. However, I wouldn’t trade those years for anything, they taught me so much. 
Shortly after five years of owning my two gyms, I decided to sell the businesses. 
Long story short, I went through a pretty rough divorce and my mind went away from business. I knew the best thing for me to do was to let them go so I could regather my life, I knew I had a lot I needed to overcome. 
Throughout the year after selling my gyms I have now moved to Austin, Texas, and I am getting ready to launch my new brand, SWAY Boxing Studio. I’ve partnered up with a former member of my gym, Otto Ohlsson, and we’ve flown across the country to try every gym we could. I can’t wait to get open in the city of Austin and begin this new chapter of my life. It has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears getting to this point, but it is worth every single moment.  

Ryan Thomson
Founder & Head Trainer
SWAY Boxing Studio, Austin TX 

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