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Aug 08, 2019

The Box'N Burn Academy: A True Blessing And Nothing Short Of Amazing.
I Don’t Recall When I Was Introduced To The Box ‘n Burn, But I Do Know I Was Hooked From First Glance. There Was Just Something About These Gentlemen That Made You Trust Them Over A Video. The Mitt Holding From Glenn Holmes And The Striking Prowess Of Tony Jeffries Captured My Attention Immediately. So, I Began To Follow Their Social Media Accounts For Boxing Advice And I Also Purchased 2 Of Tony’s Boxing Programs: Be A Better Boxer And Boxing Drills. Seeing The Expertise In The Presentation Of These Programs Inspired Me To Want To Become A Master Teacher Of Boxing.

I Sat On The Box'N Burn Academy Website For Months, Hoping The Team Would Come Closer To My Home In Florida. The Closest They Were Scheduled To Come Was To Austin, Tx And Nashville, Tn. At That Time, Around November 2018, I Had Not Fully Dedicated Myself To Investing In The Program Because Of The Amount Of Money Needed To Invest. One Day, Towards The End Of December, I Was Fed Up With Investing In Futile Things And Others That Brought Me Nothing In Return. After Doing Tons Of Soul Searching Over A Couple Days, The Decision Was Finally Made To Go All-in With The Box ‘n Burn Academy Certification Course. I Was Dedicated To The Point That I Was Willing To Purchase A Plane Ticket, Book A Hotel Room, Uber, Purchase Level 1 And 2 Certifications, And Make My Way To Santa Monica, Ca. I Then Went To The Website To Complete The Purchase For The Program And Was Completely Taken Aback At What Was Now Showing In The “live Courses” Section. Miami, Fl Was Now Showing And With A $200 Off Discount. I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing. This Was A True Blessing From God, No Question About It. So I Asked No Questions And Purchased The Tickets That Night.

 Stepping Into The Gym For Level 1 Certification Was Like Going To My In-laws’ House For The First Time: There Was A Fear Of The Unknown, But I Was Gracefully Welcomed As Family. Tony And Glenn Greeted And Mingled With Everyone Looking To Converse. The Gameplan Was Professionally Set And The Start Of The Day Commenced Right On Time. We Were Paired Up And Began To Work. By The End Of The Day, Not Only Did We Learn Fundamental Boxing Techniques And How To Teach Boxing, We Also Received A Nice Workout To Boot. 


On Day 2 (Level 2), Just When You Think You Have Learned Enough To Be Successful, These Gentlemen Took Everything (Combination Drills And Marketing Advice) To Another Level. The Lessons Learned Not Only Applied To The Boxing/fitness Industry, They Applied To Every Aspect Of Life Regarding Staying True And Professional. By The End Of Day 2, I Was A Better And More Confident Man On All Fronts.
The Experience I Received Learning From Tony Jeffries And Glenn Holmes Cannot Be Summed Up In Words. In Regard To Professionalism And Staying True To Your Passion, The Entire Experience Was A Priceless Eye Opener. Their Passion, Knowledge Of The Game, And Genuine Willingness To Teach Is Unmatched. I Can Honestly Say That From That Single Weekend, I Have Made Lifelong Friends And Networks That Would Normally Take Months, Maybe Even Years. If Anyone Is On The Fence About Learning From These Men, Do It! Do It! Do It! And Don’t Think Twice About It! These Guys Enhanced My Skills Tenfold And Undoubtedly Conditioned Me For The Rest Of My Life Physically, Professionally, Mentally, And Financially.




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