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Training for fitness or fighting...don’t get it wrong

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When I began coaching, my experience was mostly working with people who wanted to compete in combat sports, or with those already competing as amateur athletes. As we added more classes to our gym’s timetable, I met people who wanted to use martial arts training to improve personal fitness, rather than fighting in the ring or cage.

I think the difference between these two groups is clear. Competitive combat athletes expect the grind of a training camp, hard sparring and sometimes being pushed to the point of exhaustion. People who want to use boxing or kickboxing to improve their fitness have very different goals and expectations. 

So the way we approach coaching and supporting people who just want to train for fitness is very different. If you train the ‘fitness seekers’ , in the same way you train competitive athletes, it is quite likely the former group would not enjoy the intensity of the session. For fitness, we tend not to worry about “perfect” technique as much. We slow down the session and lower the intensity, as well as focusing on the main objective which is having fun.

 People need to enjoy their workouts or there is a good chance they will not return to the gym. One of the most important things I learned from the Box n Burn Academy certification course was not to go too in-depth with technique. If a person can’t throw a perfect left hook then move on. Although it may not be a perfect punch, it may very well be the best they can do and that is enough for right now. Something I always prioritise with my fitness clients is FUN. So it felt reassuring to see how Tony and Glenn also make sure that fun is the main goal with their clients. 

Many people will say they “don’t have time” or “don’t like the gym”. As a trainer I always say if you can find something you enjoy, it will never feel like a chore. You will look forward to it and you will want to improve. The message is, “keep it fun”.

James Doyle

Leeds England

Instagram : James Doyle

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